Holland Jersey grows in Chinese market and launches small premium packaging

Holland Jersey has been supplying long-life Jersey milk in litre packs to China since early 2022. After its successful launch, the company has been asked to can deliver small packages for sampling, for children and for on the go. Holland Jersey mainly targets people that look for high quality products with a unique taste experience. The market for milk in China is growing and 200ml packs in particular are popular in China. 

Holland Jersey started in Shanghai at several premium department stores and is now available in Shengzhen in addition to Shanghai at premium supermarkets Takashimaya, Bailian Century Store, City super, Bailian Century Store, Apita and Huansheng. The goal is to grow city by. The company’s focus is to build a fan base of loyal customers. One way it does this is by being active on the Chinese version of TikTok with a daily Holland Jersey show. Holland Jersey is active on China’s main e-commerce platforms: JD, Meituan and TikTok.  

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