Food Union China focuses on the market

Food Union China, an emerging participant in the Chinese dairy industry has announced a spin-off of its Chinese operations. This move has resulted in Food Union China becoming an independent group with ownership maintained by Askar Alshinbayev and Yevgeniy Feld, the primary investors, along with Andrei Beskhmelnitsky, the founder of the Food Union group. 

Established with a commitment to deliver high-quality and innovative products, Food Union China is well positioned within the Chinese dairy market, having invested in and built two greenfield state of the art factories in China, the company noted.

“The refocussing of Food Union China solely on the China market is an important strategic pivot in our dairy business,” said Alshinbayev. “We believe there is immense potential for growth in the Chinese dairy market, and we look forward to leveraging our resources and experience to ensure that Food Union China is successful in its goals.” 

“We will now focus all our energies on the China market and are determined to use our strong state of the art production capabilities, our experience and expertise to further innovate to deliver quality and desirable products to the Chinese market,” Beskhmelnitsky added.

This continued backing from the investors both strengthens Food Union China’s position and also demonstrates the confidence there is in the company’s future success, the firm said.  

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