EDA to sign MoU with Ukrainian dairy on Europe Day

On Europe Day, 9 May, the European Dairy Association and the Union of Dairy Enterprises of Ukraine (SMPU) will meet in Kyiv to sign a memorandum of understanding and introduce the SMPU EU Integration Committee. This collaboration will mark a significant step towards the advancement of the Ukrainian dairy industry and its integration into the European market.

European Dairy Association is a convinced pro-Europe voice in Brussels and across the Union, which is the basis for success of the European lactosphère : a smooth functioning of the single market, an ambitious trade policy and a strengthened Common Agricultural Policy supporting the epochal transformations, the EDA says.

The unprovoked Russian war against Ukraine has a catastrophic impact on the

Ukrainian dairy sector throughout the dairy value chain. Within the European Union and in Ukraine, dairy is of crucial importance in its economic and social dimension.

European investments in the Ukrainian dairy sector underline confidence in Ukraine and in its dairy industry. With the implementation of the Autonomous Trade Measures (no tariffs, no quota), established by the European Union, Ukrainian dairy has become an integrated part of the EU dairy single market for authorised products and approved dairies.

With this objective, EDA and SMPU agree to work together to:

  • support reciprocal free dairy trade and the protection of investments,
  • support the advancing of the DCFTA (UKR-EU free trade agreement) and the accession negotiations via a cooperation within the SMPU EUIntegration Committee, build up and strengthen the UKR-EU dairy network for sharing best practices in improving productivity and quality at the production level, boosting demand and raising awareness at consumer level and for exchanging on the respective dairy-relevant legislative framework, retail and marketing standards at sectoral level in place,
  • establish a “Ukrainian dairy needs” list in the context of the EU “Rapid Damage and Needs Assessment” within the Ukraine Facility Programme,
  • initiate a UKR-EU dairy dialogue on ways how to integrate Ukrainian dairy and agriculture within the framework of the discussions on the frameworkof the integration of Ukraine in the future EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP27), and
  • advocate for a long-term integration of Ukrainian dairy in the European Single Market via a joint road map.

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