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Today is only four days until the entry closing date of 24 May to get your cheese involved in the International Cheese & Dairy Awards.  

This is the world’s leading platform to champion world class producers. Held at the Staffordshire Show Ground, the 2023 awards attracted over 4,500 entries from across the world. Success at the show provides high profile recognition from independents, retailers and food service companies throughout the world. We support winners through our marketing and social campaign to increase consumer awareness and ultimately sales. 

Enter the awards here:

Meanwhile, we also have a sparkling speaker lineup for the International Cheese & Dairy Expo.  

At 15:30, Noemie Richard Stein and Tracey Colley, will both be speaking at the show.  

Stein says, “The cheese industry is a big family of passionate people. A very unique world where a great human story is behind each single cheese. Part of this magic is coming from the gathering and sharing of experiences between each other, building up inspiration and creativity. This is only possible thanks to great occasions; amongst them the International Cheese and Dairy Awards is the one to not miss! This event offers a real opportunity of interaction between the actors of the industry, on both a professional and social level.” 

Stein is “Maître Fromager” (Cheese Master) of the International Cheese Guild and an internationally leading figure in the industry of Cheese. She comes  from the French Alpes, a region known for its cheese tradition. After studying Cheese making in Canada and Argentina, Noemie graduated as a food engineer in 2011. After that she travelled to Chile and spent two years working in cheese factory, she created in 2013 the “l’École du fromage” (cheese school) which spread across Peru, Colombia and Argentina, training over 3,000 gastronomy professionals across the continent.  

Her School of Cheese was sought after in the UK, which led to her moving to London in 2018. She then joined the Academy of Cheese as a training partner spreading cheese education among professional cheese users. Today she leads her Cheese education mission in Europe through her role as Head of Cheese education for the French cheese company Savencia, the continental cheese specialists.  Noemie is also a judge in many international  competitions, including the World Cheese Awards, Mondial du fromage and The British Cheese Awards. 

Tracey Colley has worked in the cheese industry for over 20 years; as an award-winning deli owner, a top tier Account Manager and Events Organiser for fine food & cheese Distributor Harvey & Brockless and currently as Founding Director and Operations Officer of the Academy of Cheese. Tracey has judged at the World Cheese Awards for many years as well as the International Cheese & Dairy Awards and Artisan Cheese Awards.  

Tracey strives to fulfil the Academy of Cheese’s mission to support cheese makers and cheesemongers with the aim of securing a thriving industry to operate in, with a captive audience of engaged consumers. Her passion is to ensure the Academy’s tiered educational programme will bring generations to come into the cheese industry.  

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