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The website is an interactive feature of our magazine. On it, people can comment on the articles, and we do go through the waiting comments and approve or even reply to them.

It is nice to get comments from people such as Eli Richardson, who said the following about our article on fixing versus repairing equipment from last year: “It’s great that you talked about how it’s important to consider a machine’s damage when deciding to change it or repair it. In my opinion, a business owner needs to think about their needs and their budget before making any decision. By doing so, I think they could choose the option that better fits them. Thanks for the tips on how to know it’s time to replace your machine.”

As this is part of our archive, it is gratifying to see that our readers look at the back issues along with the current one. I find myself flipping through back copies both online and in print myself, to see what was interesting then, and is still useful now. As dairy processing is a business measured in thousands of years, a lot stays relevant. Dairy cows are the same, even as their output processed into ever-more wonderful ways.

Sometimes, readers use the opportunity to communicate directly to the companies involved. One wrote the following on our news item on Wyke Farms’ Glastonbury Reserve Cheddar, which was exclusively in the Co-op stores in the UK: “I have bought Wyke Farm butter & chedder cheese for a good few years & think that it is excellent. However I came across your cheese & pickle sandwiches yesterday (via Olio!!) &, regretfully will never buy them in their present form. MOST disappointing!! Very lacking in amount of cheese for one thing but the worst is that when one tries to eat them as normal one loses practically ALL of the cheese.” The reader also offered suggestions as to how to improve the sandwich offering. Richard Clothier, feel free to leave your comment in response and we’ll add it.

When possible, we do pass on things to companies involved. However, there are some comments that have a lot of details (emails, phones, addresses) that we won’t publish for their sake. One reader has been trying to get in contact with Fonterra’s powder factory in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Another would like to buy UHT milk for own-brand packaging in Malaysia, and yet another is interested in UHT for the US market.

What also makes us thankful is the scope of the readership. From Pakistan and China, to the EU to the UK, and everywhere in between, you readers follow the dairy news we supply, and support us. Thanks for reading and continuing to add your comments.

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