Celebrating the bubble

What a difference a year makes. This weekend, we all went to a literal bubble to have afternoon tea in Greenwich. The photo above shows it as sunny, but it was definitely entertaining with the waves of rain storms that passed through.

This week, the UK finally gets to do things that people used to take for granted before the global pandemic. Eat indoors and have someone else deal with the dishes, for example. We are headed to a pizzeria tonight.

In the bubble, we piled clotted cream and jam on warm scones. These and other treats were delivered by masked, cheerful staff, who seemed oblivious to the fact that half the time they were balancing covered trays in the pouring rain.

I inspected the little catering packets. It was Cornwall’s Rodda’s brand. Last year, it saw a 33 per cent value increase in sales for the brand, as the overall segment grew by 36.2 per cent, and grabbed 61.8 per cent of the segment’s new shoppers, according to the Grocer.

The brand is also planning to capitalise on its status as a Cornish brand, as people book staycations here in the UK and head to the Southwestern part of the country. They will no doubt be ordering cream teas in the region, and the ongoing debate of jam first or cream first will also continue.

The product has also changed its packaging with the new British version of the Georgraphic Indicator logo, replacing the EU’s Protected Designation of Origin logo. All change, but at the same time, still the same delicious clotted cream that we know and love here in the UK, and globally, of course. Not to mention leaving the dishes behind.

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