Superbike star fuelled by Cool Milk

World Superbike Championship rider Josh Brookes has launched the #FuelledByMilk campaign to promote milk as an essential tool for rehydration, refueling and recovery post exercise and sport.

The campaign is backed by Cool Milk – a UK-based school milk supplier delivering free and subsidised school milk to children in pre-schools, nurseries and primary schools.

Recent studies show that milk is a good way to hydrate quickly after exerting energy. A study from the University of Stirling, recently featured on BBC 1, said that those who drank milk in a trial were hydrated for around four hours. The University was setting out to create a ‘beverage hydration index’ which aims to inform people of which drinks are best to keep them hydrated the longest.

“I’ve always drank milk, from being a child. A lot of the time, athletes who endorse a drink or product might not be a huge fan of what they have written across their clothing or branding, but I actually love milk, I find it refreshing,” explains Brookes.

“When I was at school we learned about calcium and strong bones. I broke my leg at six years old and wanted to get better as soon as possible. I started drinking a lot of milk to aid my recovery and I’ve never really stopped. I’ve not had so many injuries as an adult so maybe my bones have become stronger from all the years of drinking milk.”

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