Gropper dairy teams up with Bavaria to tackle food waste

The German dairy Gropper dairy has together with a further 37 partners from Bavaria committed itself to combating the waste of foodstuffs.

The dairy is now part of the “We save food” Alliance, which has been established by the Bavarian Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Forestry.

In Bavaria, every year 60 kilograms of food per person are lost throughout the value chain and fresh products are particularly common in the garbage.

“We became a member from the start, because it is a daily issue for us: how can we meet our responsibility better towards natural resources? This is one of the central tasks of our time”, explains Heinrich Gropper, owner of the Gropper dairy.

The dairy plant in Bissingen is aiming to increase awareness and to promote the recycling of residual materials.

“We want to make our contribution in order to make the issue more visible in the public eye. We see potentials e.g. to sensitize consumers, to expand cooperation with charitable institutions, to innovate further on innovative materials or to improve storage”.

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