DeLaval install first VMS V300 in UK

DeLaval’s voluntary milking system, DeLaval VMS V300, which was launched last summer, has had its first installation in the UK at Hyndfordwell Farm, West Linton, Scotland.

The first installation was completed by DeLaval dealer Fullwoodhead Dairy Supplies at the Harrison’s family farm in West Linton installing two VMS V300. The Harrison family with 320 Holstein Friesian cows decided to utilise these new robots milking 120 of their highest yielding cows. The remaining cows are still milked using a DeLaval 25/50 Midi-Line Swing-Over Parlour system, installed in 2013.

The 120 cows using the robots are high yielding cows, allowing them to reach their maximum potential optimising productivity. The machiens still have remaining capacity, meaning there is opportunity to add more cows to the system, further utilising the new technology whilst improving work efficiency.

“We now have a better work life balance and our employees have normal working hours. We have seen an incredible increase in yield to,” said the Harrison family.

“The VMS V300 has seen vast improvements on the previous model and we can put this down to three key hero features – DeLaval InSight, DeLaval InControl & DeLaval Pureflow,” said Rhona Millar VMS district sales manager.

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  1. John Thomas says:

    Interested to read more about the VMS v300 and the experiences of the operators of such robots

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