Austrians elect cheese emperors

AMA Käsekaiser (Cheese Emperor) is the Austrian championship of local cheese makers. The cheese emperor is awarded in ten categories, from fresh cheese to hard cheese.

The jury this year saw 199 entries from 23 producers. All individual results were made available to the producers for further development. In the innovation category, not only the taste and appearance but also the idea and concept of the new product were assessed.

Appearance, texture, texture, smell and, of course, the taste are, what the jury evaluates. A maximum of 100 points can be awarded per cheese. In addition, every evaluation has to be explained.

In the innovation category, the idea and concept of the new product are assessed.

The winners will now be able to use the AgrarMarkt Austria award AMA Käsekaiser 2020 for one year in the application of the specialities.

The winners of the different categories this year were:

  • Cream cheese: SalzburgMilch Premium cream cheese natural from SalzburgMilch, Salzburg
  • Soft cheese: Schärdinger Österkron from Ennstal Milch, Gröbming
  • Sliced cheese mild-fine: Schärdinger Grieskirchner from Berglandmilch, Voitsberg
  • Sliced cheese tasty: Almsenner Kaiserwinkl Alpine Herb Cheese from Pinzgau Milch
  • Semi-hard cheese: Ländle Arlberger from Vorarlberg Milch
  • Hard cheese: Archduke Johann Heumilch Selection from Obersteirische Molkerei
  • Organic cheese: Organic meadow milk Almkäse from Kärntnermilch
  • Innovation: Käserarität from Gmundner dairy, Gmunden
  • Cheese specialities and traditions: Schärdinger Affineur Kracher petit from Ennstal Milk, Gröbming
  • Most popular Austrian cheese in Germany: Ländle wine cheese from Vorarlberg Milch

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