Something for the weekend

Something exciting for us cheese folks (and the many fans of cheese) is happening this upcoming weekend – the British Cheese Weekenders, an online cheese festival featuring live-streamed talks, tastings, farm tours, quizzes and cookery demos by some of the country’s leading cheese experts.

The evolution of cows

One of the strange by-products of this particular downtime here in the UK is the BBC always trying to teach you something. It’s almost as if some hack in the back office said, ah, this is our chance to shine.

Glanbia sees good first quarter for 2020

Glanbia, the global nutrition group, has issued an interim management statement for the three-month period ended 4 April 2020. This statement was issued in conjunction with the company’s annual general meeting, which was held as a closed meeting.

It’s about transport

Late last week, both the US and the UK announced dairy assistance schemes. In the UK, Dairy UK and the Agricultural and Horticultural Development Board (AHDB) are working together to bring the industry together to identify spare processing capacity, how to stimulate demand and how production could be temporarily reduced.


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