Emmi’s vegan options

More consumers are eating vegetarian or vegan from time to time. In countries such as the US, it is already a much more advanced trend. In response to this, Swiss dairy group Emmi is launching its own vegan line under the Beleaf brand.

The Emmi yogurt alternatives, drinks and shakes are based on almonds or oats. The vegan version of Emmi’s cold coffee drink offers even more variety: the Emmi Caffè Drink Almond Macchiato combines the proven, freshly brewed espresso with an almond drink.

In Switzerland, the company has been producing a variety of herbal products based on almonds, cashews and lupins for its trading partners since the 1990s. The majority stake in the Austrian organic company Hale has further strengthened this area. With the launch of Beleaf and the Emmi Caffè Drink Almond Macchiato, Emmi is consistently pursuing the strategy of occupying niches early on and thus also strengthening Switzerland as a business location.

“The ongoing trend towards vegetarian or vegan nutrition makes it an economic necessity to participate in development,” said Urs Riedener, CEO of Emmi. “We not only have the right production facilities, but also a great deal of know-how in plant-based foods.”

However, vegan milk substitutes are a market niche, and Emmi’s core business is and remains milk products. “If consumers now and then use plant-based products from time to time, an Emmi product should end up in the shopping cart that impresses with its uncompromisingly good taste,” claimed Thomas Morf, chief marketing officer at Emmi.

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