Swiss exports dropped in April

Swiss cheese exports fell by 0.8% in the first four months of this year, according to TSM Treuhand. In April, Swiss cheese exports went down in volume terms and were 13.4% down compared to the same month last year, while in March exports were mostly good to very good.

According to the Emmentaler AOP variety organisation, the corona crisis in Italy increasingly led to more grocery shopping, while sales in gastronomy suffered. At Emmentaler AOP, the decrease in April was 9.5% compared to the same month last year.

The Gruyère AOP export cheese was down by 16.2% in April. However, due to the good sales from January to March, both types of cheese are still up over the previous year.

For Appenzeller, there was a 25% drop in April compared to the previous year and a drop of 2.6% over the first four months.

Tilsiter, Raclette, Vacherin fribourgeois AOP and Sbrinz AOP also lost quantities in April, as did the segment of “other semi-hard cheeses with over 45% fat in the dry matter” and “other semi-hard cheeses with full fat”, each with a drop 21.6% and a decrease of 31% .

Only the large hole cheese Switzerland Swiss was able to increase by 50.8% in April, and it was up by 6.8% over the first four months.

In processed cheese, export growth was 37.2% in April and 12.3% in the first four months.

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