Farmer protests have no impact, says MIV

Farmer protests in front of German dairies and warehouses of the German food retail trade have no impact on the market, according to the German Dairy Industry Association (MIV).

“We take the concerns of milk producers very seriously, but we do not believe that blockades in front of our customers’ warehouses make sense,” says Eckhard Heuser, general manager of the MIV. The prices are based on supply and demand in the milk markets, and if there are really bad prices, these are certainly not to be taken into account in German food retailing.

Around 50% of the German dairy industry’s turnover is made in export and around 20% comes from the processing industry such as baby food or baked goods.

Only part of Germany’s raw milk is needed for products in German food retailing. The single market with its open borders prevents it from being just at national level, according to the MIV.

Despite the pandemic and difficult epidemic situation the dairy industry has so far been able to deliver. Blockades over the holidays are therefore incomprehensible and irresponsible, the MIV says.

The association refers to the tasks of politics to shape the framework conditions, among other things in the GAP 2020 discussion or the directive against unfair trade practices. Here the MIV represents the market economy approach and sees no reason to reintroduce milk volume control.

“Expectations are only stoked, when an additional price for raw milk of 15 cents plus is rigidly demanded,” claims the MIV general manager.

Heuser thinks it makes sense if the milk producers are represented jointly. With a large number of smaller agricultural organisations, people lose track of who is representing whom with what justification. “That is good for emotionalising the demonstrators, but does not help in the matter,” states Heuser.

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