Hohenloher goes online for producer meeting

For the first time, the milk producers’ meeting of the Hohenloher dairy took place online as part of a video conference. Around 250 farmers and their families tuned in from home in order to follow the statements of the supervisory board and management board on current developments. The participants also listened to three specialist lectures by external speakers.

Managing director Martin Boschet took the microphone to talk about developments. He said the co-operative currently processes 1.15 million kg of milk from three federal states every day, making the Hohenloher dairy the largest producer of drinking milk and butter in Baden-Württemberg and the largest producer of long-life milk in all of southern Germany.

He drew attention to the wide price ranges in retail and the associated high margins, from which farmers benefit little, but he hoped that the milk price for the producers can be corrected upwards.

Due to the pandemic, the dairy has lost income and due to the high level of planning uncertainty, the Hohenloher dairy invested around €2.5 million less in 2020 than in previous years. Among other things, a new Tetra Pak line with an output of 8,000 liters per hour was acquired.

“This year we have to invest more again. We are preparing for the future,” Boschet says.

Hümmer summed up that the Hohenloher dairy is in better shape than many other dairies and with a high proportion of farmers, who want change.

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