Cooperation after flooding in Germany

The German flood disaster in mid-July also affected the dairy farms of Berchtesgadener Land. In particular, food deposits, but also foraging areas, have fallen victim. The dairy was affected as well, and reacted quickly. It used its collection tankers and social media to call for feed donations and according to the dairy, the solidarity and helpfulness within the co-operative was overwhelming. The day after the flood, 377 grass bales and almost 100 hay bales were donated. A couple of days later, 700 more grass and 300 hay bales were delivered.

In addition to the co-operative colleagues, there were also numerous other farmers who wanted to help. With this aid, all those affected were helped with enough food. The distribution of food for the cows is organised by the dairy.

The affected farmers have been focusing on the clean-up of the meadows and surfaces devastated by the scree and mud, so they soon can get back to normal milk production.

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