International Dairy Cooperatives Forum returns in September

This year’s edition of the International Dairy Cooperatives Forum will be held from 8-9 September in Białystok, Poland.

The place of the prestigious Conference of representatives of the dairy industry will be the north-eastern part of Poland, known as the centre of the Polish dairy industry. The unique climate of the region and the possibility of communing with nature are a perfect place to host talks about dairy production, say the organisers.

The International Dairy Cooperatives Forum is the largest event in Central and Eastern Europe, which is an opportunity to take the future of the milk industry into our own hands, and more precisely into the hands of those who are the core of the sector – producers, processors and cooperatives.

Paolo De Castro, member of the European Parliament, comments that “The Forum is one of the most important events for the dairy sector globally.”

The organisers have invited many experts from all over the world to the 18th edition of the Conference. The Forum will host representatives of institutions such as: the European Commission, the European Dairy Association (EDA), the European Dairy Products Trade Association Eucolait, the European organisation of agricultural trade unions and cooperative organisations COPA-COGECA and TEAM EUROPE.

As part of presentations, discussion panels and behind-the-scenes talks, experts will discuss issues related to the dairy industry that arouse great emotions. Forum participants will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the subject, including the Green Deal, the new Common Agricultural Policy and the European “Farm to Fork” strategy.

“We will talk primarily about the future of the dairy sector in the context of important documents such as CAP, European Green Deal Strategy, which are discussed today not only in Europe, but the whole world,” said Agnieszka Maliszewska, organiser of the Forum.

In addition, visitors will learn how the image of the post-Covid world of the dairy industry in other countries is being shaped. Different perspectives are the possibility of comparing methods and their proper implementation.

During two days of the Forum, participants will create a platform for the exchange of opinions, knowledge and experiences, which may be the beginning of a new business relationship or the strengthening of the already existing one.

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