Müller expands in Germany

Müller has expanded its presence in Germany with an additional administration wing at its Aretsried site. Only recently a €42 million investment in a new high-bay warehouse was completed. The new build will become a four-story administration system in a T-shape, to be incorporated into the existing administrative building.

The building with a net floor area of around 4,200 square metres, offers enough space to bring together the majority of the administrative employees, who so far have had their workplace in rented houses around the location and in the old administrative building complex.

“We promote communication within the workforce. We have identified this from home as a critical success factor for our business during the long pandemic phase of work. Personal person exchange cannot be replaced by virtual meetings, especially if it was about creative performance, states Till Reuter, chairman of the supervisory board of Theo Müller.

The project includes another outdoor restaurant and a conference zone with communication benefit. Part of the planning includes special project spaces and shower facilities for employees.

The new building will have a continuous heating cooling ceiling system, which will permanently ensure the right working climate, and is supported by a ventilation system.

The building will reach the ‘Efficiency Building 40’ level. This means that the new building will only need 40% of the energy that a comparable building needs. This is achieved, for example, by using waste heat from the resident production areas and the installation of photovoltaic modules on the roof of the extension.

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