SalburgMilch helps farmers in Austria

At the end of 2021, Austrian dairy SalzburgMilch paid all its approximately 2,400 dairy farmers a supplement of €0.025 gross for the December deliveries to counteract the rapidly rising costs in agriculture.

To the dairy management it is essential that all in the supply chain will make its contribution to be able to maintain a dairy industry in the small-structured way and to secure the survival of domestic dairy farmers.

Andreas Gasteiger, managing director of SalzburgMilch, sees this payment as a sign of appreciation and recognition of the performance of the farmers families: “We would like to thank our farmers families for their day-to-day work, which can ensure the supply of the Salzburg population in the second year of the pandemic. Our milk suppliers are also seeing a very difficult phase through ever-increasing costs, in which we cannot abandon them. Therefore, we have decided on this special payment. But this must also show in prices for the trade, where a price increase for our manufactured products is urgently needed.”

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