Food Union adds 55 ice cream novelties across Europe

Food Union, an international ice cream producer and distributor, has launched its 2024 high season novelties. A total of 55 new ice cream products have been developed across six European markets.

The products cater to the latest consumer trends, the company says. “Embracing the demand for healthy indulgence, the new offerings include lighter alternatives with low sugar and low fat, while also introducing innovative textures like jelly-like consistency for more convenient on-the-go snacking. Vegan-friendly sorbets provide refreshing options for all, and adult-themed, alcohol-flavoured ice creams cater to sophisticated palates. Exotic fruits and savoury berries continue to captivate, while juicy sauce fillings and twirls add excitement to each bite. Salted caramels and nuts remain popular for their soothing flavours, and classic favourites make a nostalgic return,” Food Union notes.

The products will be seen in six markets – Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Denmark, Norway and Romania. They include: Estonia, which offers Premia 40% less sugar ice cream with mango-passion filling on a stick, 50g/100ml and Premia 40% less sugar ice cream with raspberry filling on a stick, 50g/100ml. Meanwhile, in Latvia, new products include Tio Vēsma wafer cup small apple 0.7% 0.12l/0.075kg and Tio Vēsma wafer cup small lemon 0.7% 0.12l/0.075kg. In Denmark, it will be Underground Mango-Lime – mango ice cream with lime limonade coating on a stick, 83 ml, with only 50 kcal per piece, and Underground cone with salty caramel ice cream at 151 kcal per piece.

Food Union has also created a range of “adventurous” ice creams in different shapes, sizes and designs – from crazy flavoured creamy ice cream to refreshingly jolly juice lollies. For the Danish market, Premier Is Astronaut Blue Raspberry – lemonade ice cream with raspberry flavour on a stick – in the shape of the space ship, Premier Is Chewis Apple ice cream with apple winegum coating, and Premier Is AI-scream mini pint with banana ice cream with blueberry rippel and choko-coated popcorn in a 125ml tub

Classic ice creams in new interpretations are also offered. In Latvia, there is Ekselence ice cream with cherry flavoured Riga Black Balsam in a wafer cone, 0.22l/0.11kg, and in Estonia, it is Eriti Rammus Vanilla ice cream with salted caramel in wafer cone, 100g/200ml, and Eriti Rammus Pistachio ice cream in a waffle cone, 100g/200ml. Lastly, in In Romania, Transalpina TRIO Caramel ice cream in a waffle cone, and Transalpina TRIO Chocolate ice cream in a waffle cone.

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