BERICAP expands growth strategy

Closure specialist BERICAP is continuing its geographical expansion with new production facilities in Africa, South America and South East Asia. BERICAP has opened new plants in Nairobi (Kenya) and Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) and acquired production facilities in Lima (Peru) and Durban (South Africa). The company now operates 30 production sites in 25 countries in order to be close to its customers in terms of project support, logistics and services.

New production facility in Kenya

Kenya is the driving force of economic growth in East Africa and it plays an essential role in a regional supply context. The new 3,500 m² facility in Nairobi/Kenya makes the localization of the commercial business that has been built up over the last 8 years possible. Especially closures for the lubricant industry and for food and beverage manufacturers are produced there. BERICAP also exports closures manufactured at the Nairobi facility to ten African countries. “The new plant in Kenya is a milestone on BERICAP’s expansion journey in Africa. We are very pleased to have set up a strong team here in such a short timeframe, and our customers appreciate comprehensive local support and reliable product availability,” said Oguz Bursali, Managing Director BERICAP East Africa.

BERICAP in South Africa

BERICAP has recently invested in another plant in Africa and now has also operations in South Africa. The closure business that BERICAP acquired was a division of Nampak, a company with which BERICAP has had a technological partnership since 1998 for the South African market. The production facility in Durban started trading as BERICAP South Africa (PTY) LTD in March 2024.

BERICAP South Africa will be marketing the entire BERICAP closure portfolio, as well as the locally manufactured closures, in South Africa and neighboring countries.

“We are proud to be part of the BERICAP family and look forward to the exciting opportunities ahead. We have a great team that is committed to the business and its success. We will be focusing our efforts on various projects that will help us reach the high operational standards set by BERICAP. The support and training we are receiving from the broader team is incredible and is helping us become fully integrated into the global BERICAP network,” said Derek Coleman, Managing Director BERICAP South Africa.


Peru is BERICAP’s fourth production site in Latin America and allows good access also to Bolivia, the northern part of Chile and Ecuador – and thus a total of around 60 million consumers. Major companies in Peru have also signalized their interest in having a closure specialist with explicit research and development expertise in the region. This prompted BERICAP to acquire a 5,000 m² production facility in Lima with 50 employees. The BERICAP team in Peru is supported by the teams at BERICAP do Brazil and BERICAP Argentina. “The close collaboration between the various BERICAP teams and sites in South America, together with the pooled strengths and expertise, enable us to deliver added value to our customers as a provider of the best closure solutions and tailored services,” said Aurel Forgaci, Managing Director BERICAP do Brasil.

BERICAP in Vietnam

In September 2023, BERICAP chose Vietnam as another base in the prospering region of Southeast Asia and set up a production site there. This investment is a reflection of the region’s excellent market potential for modern closure solutions in the sectors of beverages and dairy products, food and chemical products. Production commenced in mid-October and the plant has passed all mandatory external audits. “Tamper-evident closure solutions are particularly relevant for manufacturers in the Vietnamese market who are keen to protect themselves against product piracy. BERICAP has the right solutions for these manufacturers, and the fact that they are also easy to use and therefore consumer-friendly explains why they are very much in demand,” said Swee Heng Lee, Managing Director of BERICAP Vietnam. The very positive response to BERICAP Vietnam’s participation in trade fairs such as PROPAK Vietnam confirms the high demand in this market for BERICAP’s solutions.

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