Dixon Hygienic Breakaway Coupling

In the unfortunate incident where a milk tanker is still attached to the loading pipe/arm and drives off, it will take with it the majority of the pipes and cause damage. In such an instance the Dixon hygienic breakaway coupling will break in two, separating the tanker from the loading bay. The 13kN break load bolts are the only items that will need replacing after such an incident. The hygienic breakaway couplings are designed to conform to FDA standards and are CIP capable.

The check value is a solution that incorporates the Dixon hygienic breakaway coupling and hygienic check valve. It acts as a single unit that has a diverted breaking point, which will break at a determined break load. Then the check valve will close therefore protecting the loading bay pipe system and avoiding product spillage.

The Dixon Break Away Check Value offers small initial outlay for DHBAC; £0 in pipeline damage only costs associated are for breakaway bolts; loading bay out of commission for only 10 minutes; and very minimal product loss.


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