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I have been fond of kefir since I first had it in the US several years ago. Now that Biotiful is producing it here in the UK, I am a regular user. The most recent product combines my need for kefir, with coffee. Is there anything better than a blend of two good things?

I would also say my activity levels have increased over the duration of the pandemic, with a combination of park exercise, swimming and pilates now a regular part of my weekly regine.

It seems I am not alone. Beneo has done some research across Europe and the pandemic has shifted consumers’ views towards their health across the globe.

According to its research, almost one in three consumers in Europe have been juggling with feeling tired and a lack of energy during the pandemic. In order to improve energy levels, half of those surveyed said that they have been looking to food and drink products to help them make it through the day. This figure rises even more among younger adults (18–34-year-olds), with eight out of 10 young European consumers seeking out energy-boosting products (increasing to 85% in the UK). The demands of parenting during a pandemic have also left their mark, with 7 out of 10 European consumers with children saying they have turned to food and drink to boost their energy levels (growing to 82% in the UK).

Although energy drinks may be a natural go-to, consumers are a bit worried about the impacts on blood sugar levels, so other products such as coffees with added benefits may see more sales.

Consumers are making the link between their diet and health, with 63% making an increased effort to eat healthier in the future, as well as staying fit and active.

I suspect we won’t get back into the offices as we were before the pandemic, and perhaps being fitter and eating and drinking better for us products will be a part of that.

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