The never-ending joys of yogurt

My husband complains when he opens up the refrigerator. There are stacks of yogurt pots of all types – the ones with little dishes of add yourself things like fruit or nuts, the ones that have fruit on the bottom, a tub of plain yogurt, a yogurt drink or two, and then even the cholesterol lowering ones I thought I’d try.

I would say most days we have yogurt, and this includes my husband. In fact, there are issues if “his” yogurt is not available (fruit on bottom). We devote a whole shelf to these products.

When my son comes home from school, pots disappear as snacks. If his friends come over, more yogurt goes – teenage boys are just impressive in their capacity to eat. So, what looks like an overabundance at the beginning of the week is cleared out by the end of the week anyway.

I use the empty pots for putting in seeds in the spring. That becomes another source of irritation when my husband wanders into the cellar (my suggestion is, don’t go into the cellar). However, I do know that the suppliers of yogurt pots are working on reducing plastic and getting more recycled content into the chain. There are also yogurts in glass pots, which are often reused for all kinds of things in the house.

Needless to say, I am vindicated over and over on our devotion to the fermented products, as their nutritional benefits keep being proved. For example, we saw news in the Times this morning, according to a study by the University of South Australia and published in the International Dairy Journal that by eating yogurt, one can lower one’s blood pressure, with Greek yogurt being cited as especially helpful.

Another reason to enjoy yogurt. Yum!

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