The last 12 months in dairy

As we end what is a very eventful year, I thought I’d just discuss what dairy products meant to me every month of 2021. As usual, they provided comfort and indulgence, no matter what the restrictions looked like. Often, they provided a taste of happy times had, and I think that’s where food is best. When it takes you back to a good place while providing nutrition.

January: Despite the weather, Gelatelli mint chocolate ice lollies remain a staple in our house after a meal and while watching television. We have gone through many series, ranging from Brooklyn 99 and Man Down to Montalbano, Valley of Tears and Death in Paradise. Also, Great British Bake Off is never missed.

February: Müller Corner Skyr with nuts and chocolate balls granola is firmly established as a family snack. The delivery man thinks I feed many, when in fact it’s just a teenage boy and my husband. I have to buy extra just to have a chance of getting one myself.

March: Mozzarella cheese is the most popular in the world, and it gets a good run in the house as I make homemade pizzas about once a week. I also plonk anything else cheesy that catches my fancy – blue, goat – onto the bases.

April: Milk deliveries are constant in the house. One of my colleagues mentioned that she’s drinking less milk now, and I said, don’t worry, we’re taking your share. Again, the provisioning of teenage boy life means the liquid stuff disappears rapidly.

May: Baron Bigod, the brie-type unpasteurised cheese of Suffolk, was our companion in Norfolk, where between the cheese and bread, we also discovered a seafood wholesaler who would sell to retail in the town. This resulted in delicious meals back at our rental on more than one night.

June: Gruyère is the cheese with which I began making cheesy toasts to top the onion soup made from an allotment glut of alliums. My child said this about it: This cheesy toast is delicious, and this soup is delicious. When you put them together, it’s amazing. POG, as the kids say.

July: I returned to the real world with a cheese tasting at the Guild of Fine Food in London, and was treated to a selection of Asturian cheeses, including Perazola, a sheep’s milk blue cheese. The sight of people enjoying cheese in real life, with accompanying ciders, was a highlight of the month. That and lunch with Jenny Deeprose in Borough Market.

August: Wookey Hole and Cheddar Gorge cheddars were the cheeses to savour as we walked around the caves, and enjoyed the delights of Somerset, ranging from going up the Glastonbury Tor, to a Hot Fuzz walking tour of Wells. Not to mention having a chat with the Wookey Hole Witch every morning over breakfast.

September: Joseph Heler’s site tour provided a plethora of British cheeses to enjoy, including the EatLean line, which I wound up snacking on. Once I had worked my way through the EatLean Nibbles, I made my own plates up with nuts and fruit. I ate two fairly large chunks in about two weeks. It changed my mind about lower fat cheese.

October: The return of the International Cheese & Dairy Awards saw a collection of cheddars pass my palate. I was delighted to see Razan Alsous there, dishing out the squeaky cheese of Yorkshire Dama Cheese that is local halloumi. Her very tasty range adds to the 700 types of cheese one can find on these shores. It was also such a joy to catch up with the members of the British and international cheese industry in person. I would list you all, but I need to keep this to a decent length.

November: Blackwoods Cheese Company’s Graceburn cheese brand with truffles had me making roasted potatoes into something else more magical for a few weeks.

December: The rediscovery of Cropwell Bishop’s Beauvale at Marks & Spencer was gleeful. I bought two pieces and ate them both by myself. I have to buy more before the holidays now.

Whatever you got up to in 2021, I wish you all the best for a bright 2022.

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  1. Hi Suzanne,
    I am working with plant proteins these days but my passion is with dairy which I continue to support where I can!
    I wanted to say I do enjoy your editorials! Keep them coming and Merry Christmas and all the best for 2022!
    Robert Beausire

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