Nothing like a coronation

Great Britain is getting a new king and queen next month, and the cheese makers of the UK have taken notice. They have filled my inbox with news of Coronation Cheddars (Somerdale) for Australia and Hartington Creamery’s King’s Blue, to just name two. The Chuckling Cheese Company is giving away a Coronation cheese cake, with three tiers of cheese, amounting to 2.4kg of loveliness to feed all one’s friends and relations, or to keep people happy at the block parties some are planning. I am sure Charles is on the phone about this one for his get-together.

Pong Cheese has gone down the historical route with a blog about which monarchs preferred what cheese. It’s no secret that Charles III was a patron of the Specialist Cheese Makers Association here in the UK, but I did not know Queen Victoria was gifted a nine-foot-diameter wheel of cheese on the occasion of her wedding in 1840. However, I have discovered that our household will consume large blocks of cheddar in short amounts of time – so, King Charles, we are available to help if such a large truckle comes your way.

I suppose there will be a fair amount used in the official coronation dish, which is a cheddar cheese, spinach, broad bean and tarragon quiche. Quiche is one of those items that one never thinks about making, until a person is reminded how nice a slice is with a salad, and hopefully eating it outside in the sun.

This is the UK, so there may be rain. In that case, keep that quiche hot and serve it with a warm salad of some sort. And let’s not talk about the price of cheddar going up, with it up by 28.3% in the three months to March, versus last year at the same time, according to Which?, a consumer comparison website/magazine. That being said, we always find money for cheese in our house.

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