Nestlé taken to court after mislabelling

CHINA – One mother is taking on the multinational Nestle after discovering that its Nesquik milk powder contained genetically modified ingredients not identified on its label.

Eileen Zhu Yanling only found out about the GM ingredients after looking at the company’s website. She was distraught because she had used Nesquik to feed her three-year old son, according to Greenpeace.

Dissatisfied with the company’s response to her queries about the labelling, she took the case to Shanghai 2 People’s Intermediate court in August, where the case was accepted.

Zhu was allegedly told by Nestle that it did not label its products with GM notices because laws did not require it to, unlike in Europe. This was particularly galling for Zhu, who is adamant that Chinese consumers should have the same rights as their western counterparts.

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