NightFood Inc launches sleep-friendly ice cream range

NightFood has introduced its new Nighttime Ice Cream range containing flavours designed to help consumers find an evening snack that won’t keep them awake.

Already marketing specially formulated sleep-friendly snack bars, the company is now rolling out eight sleep-friendly flavors of ice cream including: After-Dinner Mint Chip, Breakfast in Bed (maple-flavored waffle), Cherry Eclipse, Cold-Brew Decaf, Cookies n’ Dreams, Full Moon Vanilla, Midnight Chocolate and Milk & Cookie Dough.

The $4.99 pints contain a balance of fibre, protein and (less) sugar, formulated by sleep experts Michael Breus and Michael Grandner along with nutritionist and sleep therapist Lauren Broch. Ingredients include milk protein isolate, a protein that’s relatively low in lactose, as well as minerals, amino acids and enzymes they say aid sleep and reduce acid reflux.

Chicory root contributes fiber, and in combination with monk fruit extract, keeps sugar content low.

A half-cup serving contains 70 to 100 calories, 1.5 to 2.5g of fat, 6 to 7g of protein, 6 to 10g of sugar and 3 to 5g of fibre depending on variety.

NightFood Inc., is a snack food company dedicated to providing consumers sleep-friendly choices for evening snacking.

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