Lo-Col cheese gets a refresh

Lo-Col cheese will unveil a new look this summer, reminding consumers that it is the only cheese available which actively reduces cholesterol.

Following an extensive development process involving customer consultation the new re-brand is being unveiled nationwide and is the first re-design since its launch in 2010.

The updated fresh packaging features a bright green background symbolising nature, health and well-being. The addition of green plant leaves sitting in the midst of the brand name, represents the naturally high levels of plant sterols found within Lo-Col. The red heart cut-out design on the pack conveys the low cholesterol benefits and help lowering the risk of diabetes, and the slogan ‘Heartily Healthy’ reinforces the products health benefits and a real care for consumers who have raised or abnormal levels of cholesterol.

Dr Stephen May, bio-chemist and Lo-Col director said: “We wanted to ensure our new design was representative of what our customers were looking for, the healthiest cheese on the block.

“We are the only offering in the cheese category that promises to help reduce cholesterol and aid diabetes issues, and our refreshed brand strategy has consumers at the heart. Our cholesterol reducing cheese has 75% less saturated fat than full fat cheddar, and the fresh re-designed packaging hopefully conveys these positive benefits and how those who are watching their cholesterol can still enjoy fine tasting cheese.”

The launch of the new packaging will be supported by a new website, instore promotions and an upweighted consumer, business and influencer communication campaign targeting the over 50+ audience.

The cheese is made from skimmed milk and specially refined maize oil which is naturally high in plant sterols and polyunsaturated fats. The cheese is manufactured at the Wensleydale Creameries in North Yorkshire and is distributed nationwide and now globally by Bradbury’s Cheese.

Available nationwide at Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Booth’s and independent retailers with an RRP of £2.30.

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