Candia chooses SIG’s plant-based carton

SIG’s SIGnature Pack 100, the world’s only aluminium-free aseptic carton pack with polymers linked to plant-based renewable material, is being launched in France for the first time by Candia. It is the first aluminium-free carton pack on the French ambient liquid dairy market.

Yves Legros, general manager of Candia, part of French dairy co-operative SODIAAL said: “Candia has always set itself apart through innovation and now we are taking a major step on our roadmap for sustainable food products. By working with SIG we have succeeded in launching a new organic milk in the first aluminium-free UHT milk carton onto the French market, offering a new solution to consumers who want to cut the use of fossil fuels and buy organic milk in a more sustainable packaging.”

A key innovation for French dairy market

The pack is made of 75% FSC-certified renewable paperboard from sustainably-managed forests. The polymers (protective layers and closure) that make up the rest of the pack are linked to forest-based renewable material through a certified mass balance approach. This gives a 58% lower carbon footprint than a standard SIG carton pack

SIG chose to use a by-product from the paper industry known as tall oil for the plant-based feedstock rather than an agricultural crop to avoid using land and resources that could be used to produce food.

SIGnature Pack 100 will help Candia achieve its goal to minimise fossil resources in the production of packaging, while preserving the safety and nutritional product quality. The packaging’s design protects the milk and maintains the shelf life performance expected in France for UHT milk without the need for an aluminium barrier layer.

Like all SIG packs, SIGnature Pack 100 is recyclable, marking an important step towards SIG’s long-term objective to offer packaging that is 100% renewable and still recyclable.

Melanie Revolte, marketing manager France at SIG said: “We are very proud that Candia has chosen to launch its new organic milk in SIGnature Pack as part of its commitment to more sustainable packaging. This market launch in France will promote the use of renewable materials and reduce the carbon footprint of packaging without compromising functionality or recyclability.”

Martin Herrenbrück, SIG’s president & general manager Europe: “SIGnature Pack 100 offers customers a clear value add by meeting consumer demand for more sustainable packaging. It’s a great example of how we are making big strides towards our ambition to go Way Beyond Good for society and the environment.”

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