Atlas of Germany’s milk

The German Dairy Industry Association (MIV) has published a Milk Products Atlas in order to promote the dairy sector. The Milk Products Atlas not only presents a selection of the most popular milk compositions, but also shows that regional dairy products are a piece of home for many politicians.
After a preface by the German minister for food agriculture Julia Klöckner and MIV chairman Peter Stahl, the atlas presents the essential statistics for Germany, such as where Germans most want to use a milk product: 63% for baking, 61% in coffee, 59% for making meals, 56% in mixed drinks (such as cocoa), 55% on cereals and 50% for drinking. Compared by age, school kids like it most for cereals (85%), students like it most for coffee (65%) and people over age 60 like it most for cooking (62%).
The most popular milk products according to surveys are cheese (40%), natural yogurt (38%), drinking milk (30%), fruit yogurt (16%), quark (16%), cream (15%) and butter (15%).
In 2018 the consumption per capita was 50.6kg of drinking milk, 24.2kg of cheese and quark, 10kg of fruit yogurt, 6.1kg of natural yogurt, 5.8kg of butter and 5.7kg of cream.
Apart from the statistics, most of the Milk Products Atlas is dedicated to local, German politicians, who discuss a local dish, which is made with a milk product. As an example, the Bavarian politician Nicole Bauer covers the Bavarian dessert product Bavarian Cream, which is made from milk, egg yolk, sugar and whipped cream.
“For us, grandma always made the Bavarian cream at Christmas, with the milk from the farm’s own cows,” she says.

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