Meggle heads east with butter

Speaking at its yearly meeting, German dairy Meggle’s chairman Tony Meggle said: “We are on the right path,” in light of improved development for the dairy group.

Matthias Oettel, chairman of the management, also said the firm’s consumer products division posted significant growth. “The market share for butter has increased by more than 60%.” Meggle butter was also named as winner in a study by Focus magazine.

Oettel also highlighted the subsidiaries, noting, “Our Eastern European CP locations have become important pillars in the company.” Meggle companies in Slovakia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia are showing growth.
Functional products once again made an important contribution in the company’s financial year. However, the challenging market situation, for example due to US punitive tariffs, is now making itself felt.

Meggle Japan, the easternmost location, achieved a particularly strong result in 2019. Oettel announced that Meggle will continue to grow in Asia and open a representative office in India next year. Additionally, the company plans to invest more than €40 million at its Wasserburg site.  For the butter department new production lines will go into operation, and a new spray tower is being planned in the functional products area.

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