FOSS launches new smart-enabled dairy analyser

FOSS has announced the launch of its new smart-enabled dairy analyser, the MilkoScan FT3, for instant multi-parameter testing of a wide range of liquid and semi-solid dairy products at low cost and with consistent results.

FOSS’s Milkoscan FT3 can test a broad range of samples including chocolate milk, drinking yoghurt and WPC for a variety of parameters such as fat, protein, total solids, freezing point and many more. With its smart flow system, it can recognize and auto-adjust to each sample and delivers results within as little as 30 seconds depending on sample type. This lead­s to immediate gains in production through the rapid availability of critical quality data for uninterrupted operations and rapid decision making.

The comprehensive targeted and un­targeted adulteration screening options available with the MilkoScan FT3 are regarded as the most advanced currently available. Direct freezing point measurement of milk and cream is also provided.

The digital connectivity features built into the MilkoScan FT3 help to keep all instruments measuring the same. For instance, it is simple to manage a population of instruments in a network set-up where a master instrument keeps the other networked instruments updated with new calibration models.

The MilkoScan FT3 also boasts a patented form of instrument standardization. The instrument automatically checks its performance every two hours so that any signs of drift in results is spotted immediately. This avoids reference analysis checks required with earlier generation instruments and alleviates worries of compliance with operating procedures, as well as saving time, work and chemical reagents.

“The MilkoScan FT3 is not just another MilkoScan,” said FOSS CEO, Kim Vejlby Hansen. “It adds a whole new and exciting smart-enabled aspect to the FOSS MilkoScan story by providing the ideal solution for today’s dynamic dairy industry.”

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