A pesticide free agriculture

Agroscope, the Swiss Confederation’s centre of excellence for agricultural research, has together with over 20 other European research institutions, signed up with the “Towards a Chemical Pesticide-Free Agriculture” memorandum of understanding (MoU).

The MoU marks the starting signal for the realization of the ambitious vision of a European agriculture without chemical pesticides, which also can have an impact on the milk sector in the future.

The co-operation should specifically contribute to creating a sustainable agricultural and food system for all of Europe. To achieve this, the partners, together with other relevant actors, will develop a joint research agenda that is aligned with the European Green Deal. The aim of this is to implement an environmentally friendly, sustainable, fair and competitive agricultural food sector across the entire value chain.

The agreement includes, among other things, an intensified dialogue between researchers and stakeholders across the continent, as well as the implementation of multilateral research and innovation projects and the integration of new systemic and multidisciplinary approaches.

“With the Memorandum of Understanding we are strengthening European-wide co-operation, accelerating the process of finding solutions, contributing our knowledge and at the same time benefiting from an international exchange of knowledge that is of central importance, especially in research,” said Eva Reinhard, head of Agroscope.

“Co-operation at the international level enables valuable synergies and new shared insights that can be used across borders. This brings us a significant step closer to the common goal of more sustainable agriculture.”


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