EDA urges milk and dairy supply lines to stay open during pandemic

The European Dairy Association (EDA) is reinforcing the importance of keeping milk and dairy supply lines open during the global coronavirus situation.

“On Saturday [14 March 2020], we alerted the EU Commission and EU Member States about the vital importance of keeping all milk and dairy supply lines open across the Union and across borders. The EU Commission – at highest level – reacted on Sunday accordingly and now it is up to the Member States to make sure that milk collection, milk & dairy supply and distribution operations can go on allowing the dairy industry to keep shelves and fridges stocked”, urged EDA president, Michel Nalet. 

The EU Commission has published its guidelines, including the request that “Member States should preserve the free circulation of all goods. In particular, they should guarantee the supply chain of essential products such as medicines, medical equipment, essential and perishable food products and livestock… Member States should designate priority lanes for freight transport (e.g. via ‘green lanes’) and consider waiving existing weekend bans.” 

The dairy supply chain across the Union is working ‘full engine’ – and under toughened safety protocols and with some frictions in the supply chain – to be able to guarantee a continued supply of milk and dairy products in this time of crisis, across the Union. 

So far, only minor local production sites have been closed down due to a lack of personnel and national border restrictions are only delaying, not interrupting, supply lines. 

“Milk and dairy are essential. We must keep the supply lines open in order to guarantee smooth distribution across the Union. And from an economic point of view, we have asked the EU Commission to support the dairies in building up strategic stocks via the so-called Private Storage Aid Scheme”, summarised EDA secretary general Alexander Anton.

Click here to read EDA’s full Covid-19 statement.

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