DSM launches new cultures to boost yield in mozzarella production

Royal DSM has announced the launch of its new DelvoCheese CP-500 cultures for boosting the yield and resource efficiency of mozzarella cheese production. Capable of achieving a higher moisture content in mozzarella, the range increases yield by up to 1.3%, compared to the most commonly used Direct Vat Set (DVS) culture in the US. DSM says these cultures also enable cheesemakers to deliver products with superior taste and texture that consumers will enjoy and are ideal for creating mozzarella cheese for pizza, offering a mild buttery flavour, excellent stretch and melt behaviour and reduced browning.

The cheese industry has experienced a sharp rise in demand for mozzarella cheese in a range of product formats, including shreds, slices and cubes. The global pizza cheese market, for instance, is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.04% between 2020 and 20271, which will continue to fuel demand for mozzarella in the coming years, says DSM.

Commercial testing has reportedly shown that DSM’s DelvoCheese CP-500 range enables cheese makers to increase moisture content, offering the fast acidification expected by producers and a consistent performance in terms of texture — maximising yield and improving consumer pizza eating experience. When combined with DSM’s Maxiren XDS fermented chymosin coagulants, the range enhances yield further, allowing manufacturers to optimise raw material efficiency and achieve high whey quality.

“It can be a complex challenge for cheesemakers to meet rising consumer demand for high-quality mozzarella cheese products, while continuing to be economically and operationally efficient,” said Evandro Oliveira de Souza, business lead for cheese at DSM.

“We’re committed to offering unique, stand-out products that not only look and taste good, but are also better for both consumers and customers. For that reason, DSM is delighted to introduce this new extension of our portfolio of culture solutions, which will help our customers set a new stand-ard for yield in cheese production and deliver market-leading end products.”

For more information about DSM’s DelvoCheese CP-500 cultures, click here.

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