Uniekass unveils new campaign focusing on cheese

As the German DMK Group is owner of the oldest Gouda brand in Holland, the company is trying to get a better foothold in the neighbouring country through the daughter Uniekaas/DOC Dairy Partners with the newest communication campaign.

“We are currently concentrating on further promoting brand awareness via new communication channels”, explains Corrien Bakker, marketing manager at Uniekaas.

“We have significantly increased the number of touch points consumers have with our brand in order to support them in their purchase decision and to get to know them even better than before”.

The commercial campaign has been through public broadcasting in the Netherlands. The focus is on a unique product format that addresses consumer wishes in times of the coronavirus pandemic.

“In the past few months in the Netherlands we have noticed that the demand for cheese in pieces has increased significantly. That’s why we want to use the commercial to focus more on this format again”, says Corrien Bakker.

“This shift is influenced by the fact that many people currently work in a home office, spend more time at home and thus also consume more food. In addition, larger packaging formats also offer advantages in terms of price”.

Accordingly, the new advertising film focuses on emotions at the kitchen table. This is about the Dutch and their love for cheese. In a video spot the camera captures the everyday moment of cheese cutting – profane and yet special – true to a motto: ‘Do it yourself, make it taste a whole lot better’.

At the same time Uniekaas is also drawing attention to itself on the internet. For this purpose, special display advertising and advertising for social media were developed. For example, if customers come near a point of sale with mobile phones, they will receive the Uniekaas advertising film on their mobile phone.

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