Too Good To Go app gains traction for food waste in Germany

In Germany goods, which would otherwise have to be disposed of due to their short remaining shelf life, can be quickly found by buyers with the help of an app for ‘food rescuers’.

One of the participants is Schwarzwaldmilch dairy, so products that can no longer be sold in the grocery store and are not sold to non-profit organisations, are offered to self-collectors via the Too Good To Go app.

In Germany, Too Good To Go is currently used by more than 4.6 million people and almost 6,000 partner shops are participating. Over six million portions have already been saved from disposal.

For the Schwarzwaldmilch dairy, the appreciation of food is an important component of its responsibility strategy.

In addition, the company also raises awareness of the issue of best-before dates. Often dairy products are still flawless in terms of quality and taste, even beyond the specified best-before date and are therefore consumable.

Consumers can use the simple ‘look, smell, taste’ method to find out, whether a food is probably still edible. This prevents products that are actually still good from being disposed of.

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