Jersey Dairy introduces new chocolate milk

Jersey Dairy has introduced a new chocolate flavoured milk to the UK market. Suitable for use in the home as well as in a range of foodservice venues, this new offering is made from the milk of Jersey cows on the island of Jersey.

According to the dairy, wholesalers will find that the special qualities of this flavoursome milk make it a winner with both retail and trade customers. The high nutritional content makes it a particularly healthy alternative to fizzy drinks or sweet squash, so Jersey Dairy believes it will be popular with parents who want to keep a pack at home for making cold drinks or hot chocolates.

In leisure outlets and coffee shops, the chocolate milk is great in thick shake machines, blenders, or straight from the carton, offering operators a flexible solution for a full range of beverage options. The adaptable milk is a great product across all seasons, says the dairy, perfect for a chilled milk drink on a hot day, and a warming hot chocolate on a cold morning. It can be served straight from the carton, or combined with other ingredients to create a freakshake or the ultimate hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream.

“Our herds are allowed to graze freely on natural grass and they produce a special type of milk with a worldwide reputation for its’ taste and creaminess,” explains says David Ashton, Jersey Dairy UK sales manager.

“The milk is particularly nutritious containing a unique type of butterfat and more calcium and protein than milk from other breeds of cow. It also has a higher level of vitamins and minerals and is good for the immune system. All of this goodness makes our Chocolate Flavoured Milk especially rich and delicious.”

Jersey Dairy Chocolate Milk is made from UHT skimmed milk and boasts a 12-month ambient shelf life prior to opening, and comes in cases of 12 x 1 Litre cartons.

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