Alpenhain adds to milk supply

German cheese dairy Alpenhain has just signed contracts with another 21 dairy farmers in its local area of upper Bavaria, which increases the number of farm partners to 250, all family businesses with an average of 40 cows. None of the more than 12,000 dairy cows now stands more than 50km from the dairy. The family business not only supports regional farms, which have also been family-owned for several generations, but also guarantees fresh milk due to short transport routes, the dairy says.

With the new farmer supply, Alpenhain adds almost ten million kg of milk per year to its milk pool.

In order to offer consumers and customers even more transparency, Alpenhain published an interactive dairy farmer map on its website last year. It not only shows where the farms of the Alpenhain milk suppliers are, but also provides information on the residents, the area under cultivation, history and special features of the farms.

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