Cornish Dairy’s butter rated outstanding in Great Taste Awards

Trewithen Dairy has been awarded 2-stars in the Great Taste Awards, the largest and most trusted food and drink awards on the planet. Revealed on Tuesday 21 September, the Dairy’s Salted Butter churned from Cornish cream achieved ‘outstanding’ in the judges blind taste tests – less than 10% of all 14,113 entries have received this rating.

Trewithen Dairy’s Salted Butter is churned from cream from herds across the Cornish countryside, featuring sea salt hand-harvested from the clearest ocean waters in the South West.

The secret behind the luxuriously smooth texture, rich creamy flavour and buttercup yellow of the much-loved butter, is that Trewithen Dairy exclusively use Cornish cream.

Cornish Sea Salt, one of the few sea salt companies that harvest from open waters, uses traditional methods to harvest the goodness of the ocean. As with Trewithen Dairy milk, the geographical environment defines the taste and high mineral content, producing an exceptionally high-quality artisan sea salt.

Judges say: “Beautifully blended with a hint of Cornish sea air! Creamy melt in the mouth, a long aftertaste with a delicate soft mouthfeel. Generous with the salt but a good blend with the cream.”

“This is a beautiful butter. There is a delicious clotted cream butteriness about it. Full on flavour of summer meadows and buttercups. The salt level is perfect.”

“This is sublime – cream, full on dairy, clean and vibrant. Perfection. Even the colouring is uniform. So scrumptious.”

“A lovely deep yellow block of butter with a delicious smooth and creamy texture. The flavour had great depth and the level of salt was well judged.”

Francis Clarke, Trewithen Dairy’s managing director, says: Everyone is thrilled with this year’s success. We consider the pairing of our butter with Cornish Sea Salt an unbeatable combination. The salt has a unique, concentrated taste that enhances the overall flavour of anything it is paired with. It is this complexity of flavour that brings our rich butter to life.

“The awards testament to the hard work which goes into making our high-quality products, right from the local farmers who supply our milk, to our drivers who help to deliver it, and everyone in between. Great Taste Awards are renowned for their experienced and knowledgeable judges, as well as the high calibre of entrants, so to receive the award with such complimentary feedback is high-praise indeed.”

The Great Taste 2 star award-winning Salted Butter by Trewithen Dairy is available from Ocado, SPAR and Morrisons.

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