The Milk Initiative goes live in Germany

Website, social media, out-of-home – the German milk sector is going live on all channels. The new communication from the Milk Initiative shows different perspectives of the milk and tries to speak to the general public and especially young consumers and families with clear messages.

The Initiative Milch (the Milk Initiative, which is founded by the German dairy industry association, the German farmers association and the German Raiffeisen association) says around 90% of German households have milk and dairy products at home and consumers appreciate the variety and enjoyment and see them as part of a balanced diet.

At the same time, sustainability and future-oriented economies are directly linked to interlinked questions to which the industry wants to give answers. For this, Initiative Milch invites consumers to Instagram, Webcast and other special locations for open exchange.

At the heart of the communication activities is the content hub, the website, with facts and stories around the milk.

“The website is intended to introduce scientifically sound topics to the discussion, innovations in the field of production and make a relevant contribution to dialogue with consumer,” says Kerstin Wriedt, managing director of Initiative Milch. “With this we commit ourselves to build a voice for the milk and consumers, to inspire the value and versatility of the milk. The industry stands for higher standards, such as animal husbandry. In planning and implementation, we need society on our site and we want to take people along.”

In addition to the site, Instagram offers #initiativemilch inspiration and exchange, supported by influencer cooperation and PR activities in the food and lifestyle environment.

Further, there will be a webcast on YouTube, along with a campaign starting nationwide on out-of-home surfaces as well as in digital and print media. The motives should arouse childhood memories and show the various perspectives from which one can look at milk.

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