Mintel offers strategies for non-cow milks

Three opportunities for non-cow milks to compete with traditional cow-based dairy products and plant-based drinks have been explored in the Mintel blog from Ophelie Buchet, author of the analysis firm’s food and drink reports. These include education to sell better taste and texture.

“Taste matters! Over a fifth of French consumers aged 16-44 prefer the taste of dairy alternatives to the dairy equivalent,” Buchet writes. “Brands selling milks from animals other than cows have an opportunity to attract more mainstream and younger consumers. Non-cow’s milk brands can convince consumers of better taste, as well as texture than plant-based milks. Education will help sell the taste of non-cow’s milk, especially its unique flavours.”

Another strategy is moving from digestibility to other digestive claims, she notes. “Goat milk products are more likely to make claims about digestibility (than other non-cow’s milks) but non-cow’s milks can move from digestibility to other claims – such as absorption or gut/immune support. Also, non-cow’s milks can sell their different nutritional profiles as more personalised to people’s individual needs.”

The last issue is using sustainability as a differentiator, with the opportunity for non cow milks to communicate on their lower environmental footprints, as in the case of goat farming. Buchet comments, “Brands should use better environmental credentials to differentiate their products.”

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