ALPMA at Anuga FoodTec 2022

ALPMA GB Ltd, specialising in cheese production equipment and machinery, will be making its first return to a trade show in two years at the 2022 Anuga FoodTec in April.

Although ALPMA has maintained close relationships with customers and business partners even during the pandemic, virtual meetings cannot really replace direct face-to-face encounters, as ALPMA managing director Gisbert Strohn emphasises: “We are very happy to be able to go to a real trade fair again – and we are very much looking forward to being able to present our new developments live to the trade audience! Face-to-face discussions with customers and other experts on site remain an irreplaceable source of inspiration and new ideas for us.”

ALPMA will be presenting two innovations for the automated production process at Anuga FoodTec:

Eagle Eye reliably detects film residue and mould growth

The Eagle Eye inspection system will significantly help with quality control, particularly in fully automated cheese production lines.

The electronic “Eagle Eye” can immediately detect surface contaminants or unwanted mould on automatically unpacked cheese blocks with a level of certainty that is even superior to that of the human eye.

Thanks to state-of-the-art camera technology and an illumination system specially developed by ALPMA, the Eagle Eye achieves an accuracy of almost one hundred percent. Defective goods can thus be sorted out directly and the highest hygiene standards can be maintained along the production line.

FreshPack for butter

Maximum food safety with convenience for the consumer, the innovative FreshPack solution from ALPMA is revolutionising butter packaging, according to the company.

Standard wrapping currently used does not adequately protect butter from contact with oxygen, bacteria and other contaminants. However, FreshPack offers several advantages: the precisely cut and double-sealed packaging not only comprehensively protects the butter from tampering and contamination, but also better preserves the aroma of this sensitive product.

This innovative concept is celebrating its trade show premiere at Anuga FoodTec, and has already been honoured with the golden FoodTec Award by the German Food Society (DLG) in 2021.

Fully automated solutions for the entire production chain

From milk preparation to the cut and packaged product, ALPMA has become the world market leader for cheese-making, cutting, process and packaging technology.

The integration of solutions from plant manufacturer SULBANA and French cheese mould producer Servi Doryl into the ALPMA portfolio (which will also be represented at the booth at Anuga FoodTec) also plays an important role.

The spectrum of solutions on display ranges from coagulator cells for the continuous production of cheese curds to bassines, cheese moulds, latest fixed weight cutting machine and a microfiltration system for the sterilisation of brine.

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