Big merger called off

The planned merger of Alpenmilch Salzburg cooperative with Gmundner Molkerei has been called off for now in Austria. One of the reasons is said to be a group of farmers at Gmundner Molkerei who want to stick to tethering their cows, which would be difficult to reconcile with SalzburgMilch’s philosophy, the companies say.  

Instead, Gmundner Molkerei will deepen the relationship with the Jäger private dairy in Haag, Upper Bavaria. Jäger operates a pasta filata cheese dairy at the Gmunden site, which is supplied with 70 million kg of raw materials by the cooperative.  

Hermann Jäger has offered the cooperative equal participation so that Gmundner Molkerei will remain in existence and the farmers will become co-owners of Milchwerke Jäger. 

In the next few weeks, the articles of association for Gmundner/Jäger are to be finalised, after which they will be presented to the around 2,000 members at the general assembly for voting. 

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