GEA presents on sustainability and saving energy at interpack

GEA’s food processing & packaging range is one of the most comprehensive on the market. At interpack, the world’s leading trade fair for packaging technology and related processes in the food industry in Düsseldorf, the plant manufacturer will be presenting part of its new portfolio programme to the general public for the first time on a 25-meter-long production line for portion-precise slicing and loading into the thermoformer.

Following interpack, the new line concepts and the technological competence and expertise of the
entire Slicing & Packaging business unit will henceforth be available to customers for extensive
product testing in the newly opened Technology Center at the production site in Biedenkopf-Wallau.
The new modularity concept – the perfect symbiosis of high-tech machines, automation and
digitization GEA’s aspiration for forward-looking line concepts is to ensure maximum plant effectiveness (OEE = Overall Equipment Effectiveness) through the best possible interaction of all line components.

“Our systems are designed for the smallest possible footprints. This focus allows us to ensure more
capacity per square meter with our future solutions, thereby minimizing energy consumption per
production area. A consistent modularity concept, which runs through the complete and innovative
automation program, allows us to design individual solutions according to exact customer
requirements,” explains Steffen Bamberger, head of Product Management Automation at GEA.

The exhibited slicing and packaging line for sausage and cheese displays many new technology
highlights. In the area of belt loading systems, the new OptiLoader family is being presented to the
market for the first time. The OptiLoader stands for the best possible line integration and has the
highest degree of modularity to ensure maximum output quantities while at the same time
minimizing the footprint of a complete GEA slicer line.

GEA’s new robotics solution GEA OptiRobot 6000 is in demand when it comes to the highest
degree of automation combined with super-low laboUr costs and ample flexibility. The new robot
enables differently shaped portions (stacked, shingled, overlapped, etc.) to be loaded into a
packaging machine with any kind of laying pattern fully automatically.

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