Hochdorf rebrands for growth

Hochdorf in Switzerland is looking at new concepts for adult specialised nutrition products. In addition to private label products for baby food “made in Switzerland” and ready-to-export private label brands, the milk processing company is now presenting a concept for a product range for functional food supplements for adults. The concept is aimed at the food industry and those interested in private labels.

With specific additional benefits tailored to customer needs, such as increased protein content, functional ingredients or ingredients that promote well-being, the Hochdorf team shared the first product concepts at a recent trade show. Hochdorf supplies ingredients based on Swiss milk or plant-based substitute products plus recommendations for additional functional ingredients from partners.

The Hochdorf ingredients are professionally dried, mixed and packaged at locations in Hochdorf and Sulgen, Switzerland. Consulting services such as export/import licenses, certificates or other go-to-market requirements complete the Hochdorf service package.

At the same time, Hochdorf is also developing its own B2C brands for the specialised nutrition area, in the company’s own development laboratory. These in-house developments support the development, marketing and sales team in understanding customer and production needs even better and at the same time offer an opportunity to present a future-oriented product portfolio in the company’s own range.

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