Appenzeller exports drop

The Appenzeller variety organisation in Switzerland notes a sharp slump in exports of almost 13% for 2022. Rising energy and fuel prices and a massive surge in inflation in the important export markets had a negative impact on sales of the premium Swiss cheese. The Appenzeller export volume was 5,108 tons in 2021, while last year this amount fell to 4,456 tons.

“All in all, 2022 was an extremely challenging year,” says Rudolf Hegg, who is the new managing director of the Appenzeller variety organization since April. The high dependence on the German market, which accounts for the lion’s share of exports, was evident. Although the Swiss market was able to cushion the severe slump in foreign business with slight growth, it was far from compensating for it. Overall, sales of Appenzeller cheese fell by 543 tons to 9,023 tons compared to 2021.

The critical market situation led to high inventories, which subsequently had to be reduced due to severe production restrictions, so that production also fell by 13.1% in the 2022 financial year.

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