A sparkling speaker for the Expo

This time next month, we will be done with another International Cheese & Dairy Expo, the second one for us at Dairy Industries International, and the first one in conjunction with the International Cheese & Dairy Awards, at the centrally located and watertight venue, the Staffordshire County Showground. It promises to be a selection of magnificent cheeses from across the globe, along with the speakers at our day-long seminar.

One such speaker is Julia Chistova, CEO of France Process, who will be discussing the topic, “The acidification curve is the key to your best cheese” at 10:00. Julia created the engineering company France Process 17 years ago. Two years ago, France Process entered the UK market.

As pioneers in French cheese technologies and equipment, including delivery and installation, it brings a unique level of expertise to the table. Its approach is not about fitting your project into standard parameters, but about choosing the right equipment based on a firm’s specific technology. They are committed to excellence in its work and maintain a responsible, precise, and transparent relationship with its clients.

Eight years ago, Julia created a two-week Advanced cheese technology course in France with Actalia Produits Laitieres and EnilV. Two years ago, this course was made available in English, and it has since gained popularity among the UK and American clients, which is a testament to its quality and success.

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