International Cheese & Dairy Awards winners announced

This year’s ICDA Awards included the first International Cheese & Dairy Expo.

From its beginnings in Nantwich in 1897 the awards has grown to be the leading cheese and dairy expo, bringing together buyers and sellers from the dairy industry worldwide.

This year has built on the success of last year’s show with a new Expo, more entries across the categories and the continued development of the trade day, welcoming exhibitors and visitors from around the world.

Supreme Champion Cheese – sponsored by Novonesis
Winner: Long Clawson | Blue Stilton
Reserve: Dewlay | Tasty Lancashire

Supreme Champion Dairy Product – Non Cheese – sponsored by iff
Winner: Manor Farm Dairy | Orange & Passion Fruit Yogurt

The Champion UK: Morrisons| Mature Double Gloucester
The Reserve Champion UK: Cropwell Bishop | Stilton
The Champion Overseas: Bradburys | Marcel Petit Morbier
The Reserve Champion Overseas: Lustenburger & Durst SA  | 1862 Creamy & Extra Tangy

Supreme Specialist | Artisan Cheesemaker – sponsored by Rowcliffes
Champion Winner: Lustenburger & Durst SA | 1862 Creamy & Extra Tangy

Retailer of the Year Awards
Cheddar Cheese Retailer: Waitrose
Territorial Cheese Retailer: Tesco
Blue Cheese Retailer: Tesco
Goats Cheese Retailer: Tesco
Sheeps Cheese Retailer: Tesco
Soft Cheese Retailer: Morrisons
Continental Cheese Retailer: Morrisons
Additive & Smoked Cheese Retailer: Waitrose
Convenience Cheese Retailer of the Year: Tesco
Milk Retailer of the Year: Waitrose
Butter Retailer of the Year: Morrisons
Cream Retailer of the Year: Morrisons
Yogurt Retailer of the Year: Waitrose

Supreme Cheese Retailer – sponsored by WIPAK
Champion Winner: Tesco | Finest Stratford Blue

Supreme Dairy Retailer – sponsored by iff
Champion Winner: Morrisons | Whey Butter
ICDA Award Champion Winner: Morrisons

Cheese Board Awards
Supreme Champion Winner: Olive Architects | Black Garlic & Ginger

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